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The platform allows any software developer to build powerful workflow tools & easily distribute them in their team to enable developer productivity, regardless of experience levels.
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Get started
> ops run k8s
Let's get started🖥️ Do you want to use the AWS credentials saved in your local config? Y/n✓ Confirm AWS Credentials YesWhat is the topology of your cluster ➔
⚠️ The 'Private' option requires a domain. Otherwise, select 'Public'.
(Use arrow keys to scroll through list)
➔ ğŸŒŽ Public
➔ 🔑 Private
✓ Topology publicPlease enter a name for the cluster âž”ğŸ· NameCluster✓ Name ClusterPlease enter the EC2 Instance Type for the master node ➔
🔖 See 'EC2' in the README to learn more
(use arrow keys to scoll through list)
➔ t2.medium
➔ t2.large
➔ m5.large
➔ m5.xlarge
✓ Master Node Type m5.large
✓ Worker Node Type m5.large
Please enter the number of master nodes ➔
(We recommend choosing 1 or 3 nodes)
🔖 See 'Nodes' in the README to learn more
Number of Master Nodes:3Please enter the number of worker nodes ➔
🔖 See 'Nodes' in the README to learn more
Number of Worker Nodes:3✓ Master Node Count 3
✓ Worker Node Count 3
Creating kubernetes cluster on AWS... done!Validating cluster... done!Select the add-ons you would like to install ➔
(Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to invert selection)
◯ Kubernetes Dashboard
◯ Prometheus Monitoring System
◉ Elastic Search, Fluentd, and Kibana (EFK)
dashboard,EFK👷 Installing the necessary packages on the cluster... done!Validating the installed packages...████████████████████████████████████████ 100%ğŸŽ‰ Great! Your cluster is now ready.

Powerful CI/CD, in Slack.

Bring your CI/CD tools to where communication happens

  • Easily automate any development task with a workflow
  • Run all your CI/CD tools in Slack from anywhere
  • Easily track and support deployment activity

Secure secrets managment

  • Easily manage secrets across your entire team.
  • Leverage our vault or bring your own hosted vault.
  • Access secrets on-demand from CLI & Slack.

Integrate everything

You can easily integrate any system across your entire business by writing simple automations that run inside a Cloud Native container from our serverless infrastructure.

Write new code to connect with existing APIs & systems or easily copy your existing Terraform or Runbook automation code into a workflow to make it instantly available in Slackl.

Some examples that our community has built & shared in our public registry...

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