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About CTO.ai

We’re a startup team who deeply wants to shape the future of developer experience by enabling every company to easily adopt their own developer platform.

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How we think about the future


We believe that in the future developer operations and cloud computing will become more intelligent and contextually aware of how to support software developers, so that developers will be able to focus more on creative work and less on mudane tasks.


Our mission is to build the worlds most transparent and accessible developer operations platform.

This mission is design to help us rapidly advance our understanding of the relationship between developer operations & developer productivity, so that we can measurably improve the quality of work that both software developers and their companies experience.


According to the Stripe Developer Coefficient there is nearly $300B lost in developer productivity every single year and most executives cite that access to talent, is a bigger risk in their business than access to capital is.

Yet as companies try their hardest to hire more developers to support their scale, they do not always see an increase in productivity. Quite often, as discussed in The Mythical Man-Month, productivity actually starts to drop because of the level of increasing complexity.


We’re building a platform that seeks to deeply understand developer productivity in terms that software development leaders and their teams can stand behind and objectively present to stakeholders.

Through workflow intelligence, software engineering teams are able to clearly represent their KPIs to the business which in turn influences the business into making tangible investments into their workflow tools.

Over time, we aim to ensure that these workflow tools will get a lot smarter, supporting a shared objective.

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The result we hope to achieve is to create a platform that enables every company to reach their business objectives through measurably enabling their software development teams to workflow smarter, not harder.

We believe that automation intelligence will become a key tool within every developers toolchain.

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We pride ourselves in being an entrepreneurial company, full of people who have spent years working in startups and deeply understand the challenges that companies face when scaling up their developer operations and software delivery workflows.

Kyle Campbell

Founder & CEO

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Board Member

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