Accelerate your software delivery on DigitalOcean

Our Developer Control Plane integrates with DigitalOcean to help startups & small businesses to benefit from DevOps, Kubernetes & CI/CD without having to hire a single full time DevOps engineer.

Put the Dev back in DevOps with

as a Service

Let our DevOps engineers setup Day 1 operations for Kubernetes, IaC & CI/CD best practices that are fully managed by our Developer Control Plane, enabling your developers to manage all operations.

When you need the help of a DevOps engineer, we’ll be there to help with...


Scale vertically as well as horizontally with cluster autoscaling (CA) and horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA).

High Availability
Control Plane

Reliably run workloads and remove single points of failure with a secure, self-repairing, highly available control plane.


Spin up a cluster in locations as New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore or Bangalore.

Simplify Day-2

Go beyond setting up Kubernetes clusters to creating a faster development cycle with our easy to use CLI & Slack workflows.

Zero Downtime

Provision and deploy to production-grade Kubernetes clusters with just a few clicks—and get your app to market faster.

Hands on Support
with Upgrades

Enable automatic updates to new versions of Kubernetes, so you can make use of enhancements to the orchestration platform.

Measurable delivery & stability

Deliver 200%
hiring DevOps!

Our Developer Control Plane enables developers with a self service CI/CD workflow, that feels like PaaS, so your team can focus on delivering awesome products to your customers.


Your workflows
on DigitalOcean

With the Developer Control Plane, you can build and deploy your team's workflows on DigitalOcean and improve developer experience overall.

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