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Our Developer Control Plane integrates with DigitalOcean to help startups & small businesses to benefit from DevOps, Kubernetes & CI/CD without having to hire a single full time DevOps engineer.
Unlock Next-level Performance: Scale from VMs to Kubernetes
In this webinar, you’ll learn how your team can skip the typical Kubernetes complexity and incrementally adopt Kubernetes to reap its many benefits, including a real-world case review with customer, Snipitz. Join DigitalOcean and to gain insights into infrastructure modernization migrating from virtual machines to Kubernetes.
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Managing VPC Network Configurations through Deployments

Managing VPC Network Configurations through Deployments

Managing VPCs effectively is pivotal for ensuring the security, performance, and flexibility of your deployments. Today, we'll dive into how enables straightforward VPC network configuration management through its deployment tooling.

May 01, 2024

Setting Up Alerts in AWS CloudWatch for Builds

Setting Up Alerts in AWS CloudWatch for Builds

Integrating with AWS CloudWatch for alerting can enhance your pipeline by notifying you about the build status and any anomalies that may occur during the build process. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of setting up AWS CloudWatch alerts for builds step by step.

April 29, 2024

Container-Native Load Balancing Through Ingress

Container-Native Load Balancing Through Ingress

This blog post delves into container-native load balancing using Ingress, a powerful tool for routing traffic to services within a Kubernetes cluster. We'll explore the concept, benefits, and how to implement it, complete with code configuration examples.

April 24, 2024

Measurable delivery & stability
Deliver 200x faster without hiring DevOps!
Our Developer Control Plane enables developers with a self service CI/CD workflow, that feels like PaaS, so your team can focus on delivering awesome products to your customers.

Put the Dev back in DevOps with

DevOps as a Service

Let our DevOps engineers setup Day 1 operations for Kubernetes, IaC & CI/CD best practices that are fully managed by our Developer Control Plane, enabling your developers to manage all operations.

When you need the help of a DevOps engineer, we’ll be there to help with...

Cluster AutoScaling

Scale vertically as well as horizontally with cluster autoscaling (CA) and horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA).

High Availability Control Plane

Reliably run workloads and remove single points of failure with a secure, self-repairing, highly available control plane.

Global Availability

Spin up a cluster in locations as New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore or Bangalore.

Simplify Day-2 Operations

Go beyond setting up Kubernetes clusters to creating a faster development cycle with our easy to use CLI & Slack workflows.

Zero Downtime Deployments

Provision and deploy to production-grade Kubernetes clusters with just a few clicks—and get your app to market faster.

Hands on Support with Upgrades

Enable automatic updates to new versions of Kubernetes, so you can make use of enhancements to the orchestration platform.