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  • 18 Nov 2020
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What is An Op?

  • An Op is one developer workflow — packaged to run on the Ops Platform.
  • An Op is easy to share with your Team — even non-technical people can run it.
  • An Op is updated by your team — and then everyone else on your team is auto-updated.
  • An Op provides built-in features, like Secrets Management and Events Tracking.
  • An Op can be run from the Command Line and from Slack.
  • An Op brings DevOps to Slack: the place where your team collaborates.

What is a Workflow Agent?

A Workflow Agent is a way to collect data from your existing pipelines and workflows and collects Events to provide Insights

How will the Ops Platform help me?

Opifying your DevOps starts by creating one Op, but the full value of the platform is realized when you've created many Ops (Pipelines, Services, and Commands) that work together.

After your DevOps has been fully Opified:

  • You will gain Insights on all of your processes to help you optimize your workflows
  • You will onboard new teammates in a day, not a month
  • You will always know what automations are running where, when, and by who
  • Junior developers will be able to perform what would otherwise be complex DevOps tasks.
  • Introducing new DevOps processes will happen faster and they will be more reliable
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