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Workflow Integrations

You can easily integrate any system across your entire business by writing simple automations that run inside a Cloud Native container from our serverless infrastructure

A few reasons why you should use

DevOps Integrations

The benefit to having an internal developer platform is how much time you can save other developers by lightly abstracting and simplifying upstream cloud integrations. We make this easy and flexible.

Identify the integration
First identify what integrations you need and if there is an existing API or script you can leverage.
Create workflow code
Write a little bit of code that connects with the integration or leverages the existing script.
Build & Publish
Build and publish your automation to share it across your team so they can run it via CLI or Slack instantly.

Here are a few examples of our

SaaS Integrations

We’ve setup managed Apps to make it easy to integrate with Github and Slack.
Signup and connect Github or Slack from our Dashboard in just a few clicks.

collect workflow events
& automate with


Our Github App integrates with your Github Organization and instantly begins sending workflow events to our system that are processed to Delivery Insights. You can also use these events to trigger your workflows as well.

Enable conversational CI/CD workflows with


Our Slack integration brings the power of your developer platform & CI/CD workflow directly into Slack so that your entire team can deploy in the place where communication & collaboration happen using a self service workflow.

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