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Sometimes you don’t want to setup an entire infrastructure just to preview a POC, so we created Services to solve this.

Services are your application, running on our environment, either as a preview URL or an API / Website in your workflow so that you can get applications live, quickly & easily.

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Services let you instantly get a web application live so you can demo your changes to others on your team or automate an API or website driven step in workflow without all the overhead of production.
Automatic Builds
We manage an automatic build pipeline for services that are triggered from workflow events.
Custom Sub-Domain
You can configure your own custom subdomain like preview.domain.com
Setup SSL
You can upload an SSL Certificate to encrypt traffic to your custom domain as well, if you wish.

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Example of Services

A Service runs a small web application over HTTP on our platform. They are most commonly used as Instant Preview URLs, but can also be used as an API or App within your workflow.
Define your service using YAML in your workflows code repository.
Build & Publish
Automatically build and publish updates using our build service.
Preview URLs
Use our preview URLs or a custom subdomain to see your changes.

Services fit perfectly into a

as a Service

Services can be used in a standalone manner, but they are more powerful when used with Commands, Pipelines & Insights to help you build the perfect internal developer PaaS.

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