Put data at the center of your
software delivery

Software delivery can be really complex, but luckily measuring it doesn't have to be anymore with delivery intelligence. Simply connect our platform with the tools you already use and we'll crunch the data to help you measure operational metrics which are backed by industry research & proven to improve developer operations.


Optimizing your value stream

A global dashboard on delivery

A single pane of glass into all your parallel delivery streams.



All the data you need to workflow smarter, not harder


Lead time for changes

How long do product changes take?

Tracking change cycles is proven to help development teams estimate more accurately & set clearer expectations for their stakeholders, based on the reality of how business priorities can impact developer operations.


Deployment Frequency

How often can we update our product?

By measuring your deployment cadence, you can more easily inform stakeholders on what to expect from release cycles and easily set goals that will help you improve the operations which support this over time.


Deployment Failure Rate

How often do we break our product?

No matter how hard you try, sometimes mistakes happen and things break. Elite teams know this and proactively track monitor this so they can respond to issues quickly & continuously improve their reliability.


Mean time to recovery

How quickly can we restore service?

When things do break, the most important goal is to restore service as quickly as possible. By tracking incidents teams can improve their response workflow and inturn provide the business with better SLAs.


Delivering Distributed Applications

Teams using Microservice architectures on Kubernetes, often have a hard time pulling a unified view of their delivery to inform their estimation and planning process

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“The CTO.ai approach to delivery metrics makes years of industry leading research available to every development team so they can measure and improve how they work together to deliver great software.”

4x4 Method Whitepaper

The 4x4 Method combines the 4 Key Metrics of DevOps with 4 Key Maps to quickly get your teams moving in the right direction, together.

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