Slack first DevOps Workflows.

Easily bring your developer tools where communication happens.
The shared command-line for teams, in Slack.

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Terminal, meet Slack

  • Deploy your developer’s tools to Slack.
  • Enable developers at all skill levels to embrace ChatOps.
  • Easily provision access in a secure, reliable way to all your systems.
  • ChatOps as code in any language using our Cloud Native SDKs.

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Build your own Developer Tools

  • Enable teams to build, run, and share powerful CI/CD.
  • Automate across tools and the entire developer lifecycle.
  • Publish privately to your team or in our community registry.
  • Develop workflows in your language using The Ops SDKs.
Build a CLI but get ChatOps too

The CLI is built for you. Build your workflows as code and the platform will store them, share them with your team, and allow you to run them anywhere.

Automate the DevOps Cycle

The Ops Platform allows you to streamline every part of the DevOps lifecycle by plugging seamlessly into existing tools & infrastructure using a low code approach.

Harness CI/CD more broadly

Traditional CI/CD is developer only. With powerful workflow tooling & an intuitive control plane you can streamline cross functional delivery for ALL your teams.

An enhanced development experience with Ops

The Ops Platform allows developers to automate complex tasks using regular programming languages, simplifying the experience of managing complex infrastructure for your whole team. Using The Ops CLI to accomplish this is easy – here are some Ops that are currently in the works:


Track all your Github issues from creation to merge


Manage your entire AWS stack, even when plugging into third party services


Create an entire Kubernetes cluster in minutes, not days

For Individuals

For Individuals

Easily create, build, share or run workflows that help streamline your workday and make it fun.

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For Teams

For Teams

Share automations across your entire team, have everyone contribute to DevOps automations.

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For Organizations

For Organizations

Unblock your software developers and enable them to do their best work and focus on the code that matters.

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Ops so easy, anyone can use them Ops platform

Be the hero that builds automations for your entire team. With Ops, creating automations is easier than ever. Simply add your snippet of code and will take care of the rest, no need for prior DevOps experience. Best of all, you can control all your Ops directly from the command line.

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DevOps as a Service

Your engineering team is growing and so are your DevOps requirements. is your DevOps partner. We assist you in identifying problem areas in your process and tooling. We can then provide you with custom Ops solutions to solve all delivery and data bottlenecks.

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