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  • 17 Feb 2021
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What is CTO.ai?

CTO.ai is a serverless infrastructure designed for the needs of fast-moving development teams who want to use Kubernetes without all the complexity.

We provide the building blocks for teams to construct their own custom developer PaaS experience. With CTO.ai, it is easy to get started either hosting Applications or Automating your development workflows.

CTO.ai: Applications and Automation

Using our GitHub integration, in just a few minutes, you can automatically build and deploy your Application.

Creating an App will deploy your Application to our hosting Service. You can also use our Commands to easily share any simple automations with your team through Slack

Once you've deployed, you can add Insights to your Team, allowing our Github integration to gather events from your workflow and calculate valuable Insights. Use the Insights dashboard to get clear benchmarks on your Team's workflows, which means you can also measure changes to your workflow over time.

To harness the full power of CTO.ai and begin building your own custom workflows and deployments, install our CLI.

Build your workflow the way you want to. Our features allow you the flexibly start or create what you need when you need it:

  • Commands make it easy to build a CLI that also works in Slack.
  • Pipelines are a simple way to configure a CI/CD or Data Pipeline.
  • Services are for APIs and Websites that run over HTTP.

Each of these primitives forms an essential part of your Team's custom workflow and can be used separately, but they are more powerful when used together. Under the hood, they are just containers (see Docker/Kubernetes). They encapsulate your custom code and use a simple ops.yml syntax to configure your project.

These containers also have access to our SDK, which grants access to powerful features like Secrets, Logs, Configs, and Events. Giving you everything you need to build a custom developer platform without your Team having to manage more cloud infrastructure.

When you build and deploy these workflows, they will run on our serverless infrastructure, but you will have full control to manage them from our Dashboard, CLI, or even Slack.

Lastly, we're currently in a beta period with our platform, so we thank you for your patience.

We look forward to helping your team workflow smarter, not harder.

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