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  • 18 Nov 2020
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What is CTO.ai and how does it work?

CTO.ai is serverless infrastructure that is designed for the needs of fast-moving development teams who want to measure what matters to their team and the business.

We provide the basic building blocks which any team needs to build their own custom feeling developer PaaS, easily and without the ongoing cost of maintaining it.

When starting with CTO.ai - it's important to start by setting up a Workflow Agent which helps you integrate your existing tools seamlessly.

We recommend starting with our GitHub integration, which will allow you to start sending us workflow events in about 5 minutes. You can also gather events from any other system as well, by creating a Custom Workflow Agent, which sends API requests.

As we gather events from systems in your workflow, we calculate valuable Insights about your existing workflow. This gives you a clear benchmark on your team's workflows, which means you can also measure changes to your workflow over time.

Once you have a benchmark, you can then begin building a custom workflow using our CLI which allows you to streamline the developer experience around the systems you already use or even replace them, if you choose.

When building your workflow you can pick from Commands, Pipelines, and Services, all which we sometimes affectionally will call "Ops" in this documentation. This is just a generic & fun way for us to describe the primitive nature of these building blocks.

Each primitive has a slightly different way to help you build your workflow...

Commands are a simple way to build a CLI that also works in Slack.

Pipelines are a simple way to configure a CI/CD or Data Pipeline.

Services are for APIs and Websites that run over HTTP.

Each of these primitives form an important part of your teams custom workflow and can be used separately, but they are definitely more powerful when used together. Under the hood, they are just containers (see Docker) that ecapsulate your custom code and are configured into your project using a simple ops.yml syntax we'll describe later.

These containers also have access to our SDK, which gives them powerful features like secrets, logs, configs and even events - basically everything you need to build a custom developer platform without your team having to manage more cloud infrastructure.

When you build and deploy these, they will run on our serverless infrastructure but you will have full control to manage them from our Dashboard, CLI or even Slack.

Lastly, we're currently in a beta period with our platform so we thank you for your patience as we support you with access to our platform. It's really important to us that we get to know your custom workflow requirements and we have a very high demand. You can help by providing us detailed feedback on this as you request an invite.

We look forward to helping your team workflow smarter, not harder.

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