When it comes to database management, PostgreSQL is one of the leading open-source databases. Running PostgreSQL in a Kubernetes environment adds flexibility, scalability, and convenience to your operations. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and CTO.ai offer a robust platform for deploying PostgreSQL using Kubernetes. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into how to deploy PostgreSQL on GCP using Kubernetes.


Before you start, make sure you have the following installed on your machine.

Step-by-step Guide to Deploy PostgreSQL

  • Clone the CTO.ai GCP GKE Pulumi Stack, and set up your infrastructure which will deploy your GKE and PostgreSQL resources in your GCP account.

  • Next, run the ops run -b . account to provision your Pulumi stack, and select setup - infrastructure over GCP.

  • Select the service(s) to deploy; in this tutorial, we will select all the database resources to deploy to our GCP environment.

  • When you choose the database, wait for some time so the CTO.ai workflow will deploy your infrastructure, and you will be able to see the specific changes made.
  • Next, when it’s deployed, you can view your database resources in GCP. You can see that your PostgreSQL 11 database instance has been created.
  • Click on it to get the overview of your dashboard, see your DB instance, and how to configure your chart settings.

Exposing PostgreSQL

Create a service to expose PostgreSQL:

kubectl expose deployment postgres --type=LoadBalancer --port=5432

To get the external IP address, run the following:

kubectl get svc postgres

You can now connect to PostgreSQL using the provided IP address and port.

Monitor and Manage

When your infrastructure is deployed, you can utilize CTO.ai insights to manage and monitor your PostgreSQL workloads.

With Insights from CTO.ai, you can measure your team’s performance as your processes and infrastructure evolve. Integrating your development workflows with the CTO.ai platform allows you to measure how effectively your software delivery process aligns with the goals of your organization.


Deploying PostgreSQL on GCP using CTO.ai Workflows brings agility, efficiency, and robustness to your DevOps process. It encapsulates best practices, and with the simplicity of CTO.ai, it becomes accessible to both developers and operations teams alike.

By using the best of what GCP and CTO.ai have to offer, you can ensure a scalable and resilient PostgreSQL deployment, providing a solid foundation for your applications.

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