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Install the CLI
  • 02 Feb 2021
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Install the CLI

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1. CLI Install Prerequisites

To install the CTO.ai CLI, you will need:

  • A MacOS (Intel supported / M1 coming soon!) or GNU/Linux operating environment (Windows is in beta support).
  • Install NodeJS and NVM (which includes NPM).
    • We support NodeJS v12.x and v14.x
  • Docker for Mac or GNU/Linux.

2. Install

Once you've installed NodeJS and Docker (as in the step above), launch your MacOS or Linux terminal and run:

npm install -g '@cto.ai/ops'

Once installed, run:


This should display:


3. Sign In

You can sign in to your CTO.ai account with:

ops account:signin

Once you are signed in, you can now run your workflows with the ops run command followed by the name of the Service, Pipelines, or Command you want to run. For example, if you want to run the CTO.ai Official Tour Workflow, you would run it like this:

ops run @cto.ai/tour

You can find more pre-built Commands to run in the CTO.ai Registry.

You've completed the CLI installation!

🚀 What's next?

📞 Need help? No problem!

  • 📧 If you have questions, we are happy to help, please contact support.
  • 👉 Join our Slack Community to get help or share your ideas.
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