Last year we announced SlackOps which enabled development teams to bring the power of the CLI directly to where communication & collaboration happen; Slack.

After releasing SlackOps our power users kept asking us when we were going to expand our platform to help them simplify the rest of their developer workflow. This was especially common when it came to managing Kubernetes and CI/CD systems.

When we looked deeper into this request, we saw lots of teams who were being pressured to move off their PaaS vendor, as the cost to scale became untenable.

As these customers looked at how they could move their infrastructure to existing Kubernetes offerings, they saw a challenge in front of them that required specialized hiring. It also required significant re-tooling in order to maintain the same level of agility that their development teams needed to deliver on product milestones. This was hard to justify for their decision makers, leaving our users in a difficult position.

Anyone who has worked with Kubernetes knows that it's a wonderful & powerful tool for abstracting your application workloads from your underlying cloud infrastructure to help make your system portable & modular so that your operations team can easily scale up the underlay capacity needed to support a growing product...

However, what you also know is that even the experts recognize that there is a lot of work that your team will have to take on to deploy Kubernetes so that your developers can maintain the highly agile delivery workflow they love about PaaS.

Over the last few years, our team has worked very hard to create developer workflows that enable 10x productivity by simplifying complex concepts while helping developers to have an enjoyable experience delivering great products.

We're big fans of Kubernetes and all things Cloud Native. We want to see more developers leverage these tools in their workflow, so we went heads down for the last year and built the Serverless Kubernetes experience we always hoped for...

Today we are announcing a brand new Serverless Kubernetes Platform that allows every development team to easily consolidate all of their workflows on Kubernetes & deploy Cloud Native Apps instantly.

With the release of's Serverless Kubernetes we've made our platform available using a public cloud SaaS/PaaS pricing model so any developer can easily start deploying Cloud Native Applications, without worrying about Operations.

Customers who sign up today will be able to start instantly using our Serverless Kubernetes to host their Applications, CI/CD Pipelines & GitOps / ChatOps while also measuring their delivery in real time using Delivery Insights.

By simply installing our CLI, we give anyone the ability to instantly build and release a containerized application on our managed Kubernetes. In the coming weeks we'll make it so you can connect our Github App to your organization and easily configure event driven workflows that go way beyond your CI/CD builds.

We also continue to support secrets, logging, configurations & of course; Slack, too!

Enterprise teams can also contact us to setup a Service Mesh with their existing private cloud Kubernetes clusters, to enable them to manage their infrastructure in house using the infrastructure tooling of their choice, while activating our intuitive control plane and data plane, for their developers, as well. This enables our larger customers to manage their infrastructure directly but still empower all of their developers with the agility that is at the core of every digital transformation strategy.

With this expanded platform, our goal is to help advance the adoption of Cloud Native for developers around the world, on teams of any size, by focusing on creating an intuitive on-ramp that drives deep insight into the positive business impact that DevOps can have in any organization, but in a directly measurable way.

Our Service Mesh is designed to to support larger organizations as they seek to scale beyond the limitations of traditional PaaS. Helping them get higher leverage on their large and complex private cloud systems through 10x developer agility.

With this, we hope to solve for a large portion of the $300B of developer productivity that is lost in corporations every year according to The Stripe Developer Coefficient.

Developing this unique platform would not have been possible without support and input from the DevOps teams at venture funded startups such as Axial, TrueBill, Cedar, YellowDig, and Remine, as well as other experts in the DevOps community.

A big thank you to all of those who have contributed to this important milestone.

We'd love to hear what you think. Feedback is always welcome & encouraged.

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