Regardless of whether you've been using the platform for a while now or you're just getting started, we've made it easier to figure out how to accomplish your goals: the Docs have been entirely rewritten from the ground up!

If you're already familiar with our Developer Control Plane (DCP) and documentation, you'll find that the existing content has been significantly rewritten for clarity and entirely restructured to make navigation between topics more intuitive. If you're just getting started, browsing our docs from beginning to end will give you a complete picture of our product and the features it offers.


What's changed?

The primary goal of revamping our documentation was to break down the features of the platform into more digestible concepts that can be applied to your own team's development workflows. Let's have a look at some highlights of the improved content.


New Getting Started Section

To give you a better idea of the ways you can integrate our platform into your existing software delivery lifecycle, the all new Getting Started section gives you an overview of the platform, explains our Commands, Pipelines, and Services workflows, summarizes how you can use Insights to reduce friction in your developer experience, and how you can interact with your infrastructure conversationally through our SlackOps features.


Dedicated SlackOps Docs

Because this feature is a favorite among our users, there is now a section dedicated to our Slack App and the commands you can use to manage your infrastructure from Slack.


Expanded Explanatory Content

Confused about DORA Metrics? Want a better understanding of the development lifecycle events we collect or how they can be used to trigger other automations? Need a refresher on the different types of workflows provided by the platform?

Our expanded explanatory content has you covered with all the context you might need to refine your mental model of how this Developer Control Plane functions!


Consolidated Reference Docs

Whether you're writing your first ops.yml config or your fiftieth, reference documentation is always useful to have on hand to guide you through the finer points of the configuration schema. To make it easier to find the relevant answers, reference information has been extracted from the docs wherever possible and consolidated into topical reference pages. On the other side of this change, explanatory content has become much more streamlined, making it easier to quickly find relevant implementation details.


What's still to come?

This release of our docs is only the beginning! Over the coming months, we aim to expand our documentation to include new tutorials and explanatory guides that help you understand the many ways our Developer Control Plane can be integrated into your software delivery lifecycle. Check back for more soon!