Today we're excited to release v1.6 of The Ops Platform which includes some exciting new features that have been requested by our community and in this blog post I'm going to tell you a bit more about them!

Before we dive into this, let me just apologize if my animations below are a bit slow - I'm writing this from a plane, on my way back from KubeCon (lots more exciting stuff about k8s very soon) but while the internet may be a bit slow, our team is moving very very fast, with lots of new features coming soon! Let's get into it...


Starting today, all of our community users will be able to version all Ops that are published to our registry!

During ops init you will be asked for a version that will be defined within your ops.yml for each command and workflow name. It will look like this:

The corresponding op that is generated, will have an ops.yml that looks like this:

version: "1"
  - name: test:0.2.0
    description: A test example
    public: false
    sourceCodeURL: ""
    run: node /ops/index.js
      - "USER=world"
    mountCwd: false
    mountHome: false
      - "/tmp:/tmp"
      - 3000:3000
      usage: "Your first hello-world op"
        username: "Your username"
        email: "Your email"
        build: "Build flag"
        clear: "Clears"

Later on, when publishing to The Ops Registry, we will ask for a change log:

Your versions and change logs are recorded into a release and are displayed when you search the Ops Registry from the command line.

In a future sprint, we'll release another update so that these will also show up in a "Versions" tab when searching the registry via our website.

We also plan to show these versions + change logs in a future release of the Ops CLI, when a user automatically updates any op to the latest version. These change logs will ensure that users know what the latest changes are, before updating.


Next, we've added an exciting new feature that will allow teams to quickly curate their shared workspace with ops from the public registry by simply adding any public op to their team like this:

By adding an op to your team workspace you are creating an alias for your team that locks your entire team to a specific version of an op in the public registry.

You can think of this as a sort of symlink for specifics versions in your workspace.

We have many more plans for features to help you customize your workspace but we want to hear from you so please so let us know your thoughts on these concepts.

Well that's it for this 1.6 release! We're really excited with these features. We're continuing to iterate very quickly and have a few more exciting announcements coming up over the next couple weeks as we prepare for AWS Re:Invent!

Please sign up for our beta, so we can help you be the #DevOpsHero on your team!