The Ops CLI for Teams is Coming Soon!

Over the last 2 months we've working hard to refine the Ops CLI by gathering feedback from a carefully selected group of early adopters about what would help them to easily implement the best developer experiences on their team(s).

The process has been extremely rewarding and has allowed us to iterate on our ideas really quickly. We're getting really close to having something we are ready to open up so that every developer in the world can begin to use it, which is exciting.

Many people have been asking about the progress of the Ops CLI and our open beta.

We're really excited to start sharing more about the CLI but we don't want to give away all the surprises too quickly so we decided to put together a little sneak peak...

A sneak peak of an early iteration of the Ops CLI.

While this is only a small sample of some of the earliest iterations of the CLI, we thought it would go a long way to giving everyone who's been paying attention a better sense of the functionality and features that we've been iterating on.

Here's a very brief summary of some of the things we've been focusing on...


The CLI is built from the ground up to be very interactive and makes it really easy for Ops Creators to implement spinners, progress bars, colours and other fancy terminal experiences to wow their users. Oh and don't forget the emojis!

Team First

While our CLI will work just fine for the individual developer, we have focused heavily on providing a team first experience. As you can see, we make it easy to sync ops across your team because teams who op together, stay together!

Ops Creation

Making it super easy for anyone to create complex automations using our SDK and Platform runtime is an extremely high priority for us. We've created a way to generate ops and you can use our templating engine to extend the generator!

While the video above shows some of the earlier iterations of the Ops CLI, we've definitely left a bunch of surprises out which we can't wait to show you.

We've got a bit more work to do to wrap up some of these power features before we release the CLI into the wild for open beta, but we're getting very very close.

We're going to keep sharing updates so please go ahead and sign up for early access.

Also, if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback, we'd love to hear them!