The Ops Limited Beta is here!

Today we are excited to announce a limited beta for our Ops CLI.

As of today, anyone can sign up on our website, grab an early release of our Ops CLI and begin creating a custom development experience for their team.

During this limited beta, there will be only one registry and absolutely none of the workflows that are published will be private. The registry will be completely open to anyone who wants to publish a workflow automation to do so during limited beta.

This will help us foster an open community and get feedback on our roadmap.

The roadmap currently includes many enterprise features such as private registries, secret management, configuration management, service discovery and other fun stuff but for now, we want to keep things simple and get our tools into hands of developers, as we are a very user focused product team and feedback matters!

To give you a better sense of how the CLI works and what features are available, I recorded a video demonstrating the features that are currently available...

A demo of the Ops CLI Limited Beta

As mentioned in the video, we are eagerly working on releasing a number of workflow automations that will be available in the public registry. As we do this, we'll post more about each use case here so that you can follow along.

If you are a developer who wants to be a #DevOpsHero on your team, please check out the Ops CLI Limited Beta and let us know what you think. It's totally free.

Thanks and see you on the CLI!