AWS re:Invent started today. The year’s biggest Cloud event is being held across multiple sites in Las Vegas, NV from Mon, Nov 28, 2022 to Fri, Dec 2, 2022.

Here are a few announcements today from the AWS team before Adam Selipsky's Keynote tomorrow.

New – Amazon ECS Service Connect Enabling Easy Communication Between Microservices

Amazon ECS Service Connect a new capability that simplifies building and operating resilient distributed applications. ECS Service Connect provides an easy network setup and seamless service communication deployed across multiple ECS clusters and virtual private clouds (VPCs)

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AWS Machine Learning University and Scholarship Program

Aileen Smith and Diya Wynn talks about the best strategies to practice responsible AI and introduces the Machine Learning University and the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program.

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AWS announces lower latencies for Amazon Elastic File System

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) now delivers lower latencies enabling you to power an even broader set of applications with simple, scalable storage on AWS.

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Amazon VPC Reachability Analyzer now supports network reachability analysis across accounts in an AWS Organization

Amazon VPC Reachability Analyzer now supports network reachability analysis between AWS resources across different AWS accounts in your AWS Organization, allowing you to trace and troubleshoot the network reachability across your AWS Organization.

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New Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points failover controls enable active-passive configurations and customer-initiated failovers

Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Points failover controls let you shift S3 data access request traffic routed through an Amazon S3 Multi-Region Access Point to an alternate AWS Region within minutes to test and build highly available applications

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New – Amazon RDS Optimized Reads and Optimized Writes

Amazon RDS Optimized Reads achieve faster query processing by placing temporary tables generated by MySQL on NVMe-based SSD block storage that is physically connected to the host server. Amazon RDS Optimized Writes deliver an improvement of up to 2x in write transaction throughput at no extra charge, and with the same level of provisioned IOPS.

Protect Sensitive Data with Amazon CloudWatch Logs

Amazon CloudWatch Logs data protection, is a new set of capabilities for Amazon CloudWatch Logs that leverage pattern matching and machine learning (ML) to detect and protect sensitive log data in transit.

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