AWS re:Invent started yesterday with a lot of exciting and amazing updates, here is a quick recap from Adam Selipsky Keynote.

  • AWS mainframe Modernization: AWS Mainframe Modernization is a unique platform that allows you to migrate your on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS. Mainframe Modernization enables two popular migration patterns: replatforming and automated refactoring.

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  • Four new AWS Serverless analytics options - Redshift, EMR, MSK, and Kinesis Data Streams! Paying for what you use, makes these services far more accessible for everyone!

  • AWS Private 5G: Easily deploy, manage, scale a private cellular network. AWS Private 5G is a managed service that makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale your own private cellular network, with all required hardware and software provided by AWS

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  • Amazon CloudWatch Evidently: AWS CloudWatch Evidently is a new Amazon CloudWatch capability that makes it easy for developers to introduce experiments and feature management in their application code. CloudWatch Evidently may be used for two similar but distinct use-cases: implementing dark launches, also known as feature flags, and A/B testing.

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Leveraging expertise and automation allows you to focus more on improving the business rather than responding to fires or performing manual processes. allows you to run and test your code without having to manage servers or compute infrastructure.

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