In the last few years, YouTube has exploded with technical content and vlogging developers (dare we say tech influencers).

In this blog, we look at some of the most interesting technical content creators out there not just in terms of popularity, but in terms of quality, helpful videos.

The list spans from general software development to frontend development to DevOps and specific developer tools. Take a peek:

TechWorld with Nana — 22K subscribers

Nana is a Senior Software Engineer and DevOps Engineer so she covers complex cloud and open source technologies, including Cloud Native favorite Kubernetes, Prometheus, Helm, Infrastructure as code, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Git, YAML, Chef and more.

Stack: Everything DevOps

Hitesh Choudhary — 553K subscribers

Hitesh writes code for web applications and mobile apps. His content spans the spectrum from crash courses to 101s and from Javascript to Golang to Vue JS and ReactJS to Linux.

We also like Hitesh’s simple breakdowns of DevOps, APIs, AWS Amplify, and Docker.

Stack: HTML, Bootstrap, Python, Javascript, Vue, React, Go

Mayuko — 337K subscribers

Mayuko is a mobile software engineer who has spent 6 years at Silicon Valley tech companies working on iOS apps. Her work aims to help people find their way through the tech industry by sharing her own experiences navigating this world through technology, career advice, and lifestyle videos. She is passionate about discussions around mental health, cultural identity, and creating technology with empathy and compassion.

We love Mayuko’s approach at making software development accessible while warming the soul.

Stack: Python, Ruby, Javascript, Swift

Joma Tech — 653K subscribers

As a software engineer, data science and product manager in various Silicon Valley companies, Joma not only makes data and computer science approachable, but he also tries to incorporate humor into his videos to make educational content more engaging and fun. A good example of this is his If American Psycho were about Programmers video.

We also love his focus on making development more simple and fluid across mobile.

Stack: Python, Node.js, MongoDB, Angular.js

Clever Programmer — 755K subscribers

A broad set of animated engineer vloggers sharing programming lessons and tips and tricks that will take your coding skills to the next level.

Stack: React, Python, Django

Life of Luba — 95K subscribers

Originally from Belarus, Luba studied Chemical Engineering at a top Canadian university, learned programming on her own and started working as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley. She has worked at companies like Yelp and Airbnb, and shares her experiences of living and working in Silicon Valley.

Stack: Java, Ruby, Python, Android

ForrestKnight — 221K subscribers

Forrest is an artificial intelligence programmer who shares all about his engineering escapades, game design, agile development, the developer experience (DX), and software development.

What stands out with Forrest is his optimistic and energetic yet calming personality. He can explain complex topics in a clear and concise way.

Stack: Java, Python, Open Source, Github

John Fish — 839k subscribers

John is a Harvard student studying computer science who shares his daily flow.

The Coding Train — 1.14M subscribers

The Coding Train is a fun, bright, and uplifting show covering learning code.

We especially enjoy his Git and Github tutorials, plus his fun Coding in the Cabana series.

Tech with Tim — 394K subscribers

Tim is a computer science student that has a passion for programming and everything tech. He posts all kinds of tech and programming tutorials and guides. Everything from learning the basics of programming to creating Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning applications.

Stack: Python, Game Development, Pygame, Java Tutorials, Machine Learning

Andy Sterkowitz — 205K subscribers

Andy helps people land their dream job as a software developer. He taught himself to code in 2014 and has been obsessed with helping others do the same. He’s a “full stack” developer in that he works in everything from HTML/CSS, Javascript, C# and SQL. His true love is building new applications and application features that result in an awesome user interaction.

What’s really cool is how he went from car salesman to self-taught programmer in one year. Here’s the story.

Stack: HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, SQL

Tech Lead — 829K subscribers

At Tech Lead, Ex-Google/ex-Facebook tech lead and software engineer Patrick Shyu explains how to learn to code quickly and build web apps.

Stack: iOS, Swift, React, Python

Beacoder — 5K subscribers

Bea is a Junior Developer interning at Facebook and AirBnB. She brings us into her world of learning and stories.

She’s also writing a book on data structures called Dumbledore.

The Come Up — 153K subscribers

Bukola Ayodele of The Come Up is a New York-based software engineer who codes in Python.

Stephane Maarek — 21K subscribers

Stephane Maarek is a software developer and best-selling teacher on Udemy, with over 250,000 students worldwide. He goes deep on tutorials about AWS Cloud, Apache Kafka, gRPC and NiFi.

Stack: Amazon Web Services, Apache Kafka

KodeKloud — 67K subscribers

KodeKloud Engineer was created to be the new standard to gain work experience for IT Professionals. They cover a wide range of topics, including DevOps, DNS in Linux, Git for Beginners, and lots more.

In conclusion, there’s a whole new world out there for learning DevOps and leveling up your developer skills. Learning new languages, dev tools, and technologies has never been easier. It just starts with finding the right teacher.

And if you are interested in learning more about the wide world of DevOps workflows and the developer experience, pop on over to our weekly YouTube vidcast called The Ops Show where we host a new technical leader every week.

Here's one of my favorites with Chuka, a YouTuber himself: