For those who like the Kubernetes complexity over OpenShift to achieve the best ideas implemented in an application, see how you can get rid of OpenShift's limitations and start implementing Kubernetes in your project.

When deciding between Kubernetes or OpenShift, as with any other tools comparison, many points are considered for the implementation, such as performance, learning curve, scalability, money spent during the implementation process and for long term process, etc.

Large teams that needs more flexibility on container-based applications, or even don't want to spend money on support and look for prioritizing free open source codes, usually opts for Kubernetes over OpenShift.

There are several benefits by using Kubernetes itself such as implementing deployment objects to update pods via controllers, operating systems flexibility, facilitation on security level maintenance, improvements on external access to K8s services, large community that support the open source code which makes it free for its usage + a good support, and many others.

Although there are many benefits to implementing Kubernetes in an application, it is harder for teams who are not experienced with it, because this process impact on the application as a whole and it is required to have a minimum of knowledge when it comes to networking, containers management, cloud computing, or any other topic that involves infrastructure and operations management.

For that reason, we developed a solution that helps your team to keep relying on code development and worry less on operations. Our Developer Control Plane allows developers to easily manage k8s containers and deploy features into any environments by getting k8s environments ready in a couple of minutes, without needing to dive deep into Kubernetes features.

You can deploy into any of our cloud partners since they support Kubernetes and make the deployment process smooth to any environment.

See the benefits of using our Developer Control Plane:

Developer's workflows become more fluid by using our Developer Control Plane because it enables devs to easily get engaged on tasks that involve multiple teams; integrate CI/CD into Kubernetes to build and run pipelines; provides different options to manage infrastructure with tools that they are already familiar with, like Slack, CLI, and GitHub; easily preview applications after merging code or pull requests, and much more.

Yet, if your dev team is stuck on Kubernetes implementation and needs support, we can help you out. Our team is composed of experts on cloud-native applications certified by Kubernetes, Azure, and Terraform, plus experience with well-known cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean.

Use developers to deploy without DevOps interference, leave the Operations with us! Book a free demo right now to learn more.