Hey tech enthusiasts! In this blog, we bring to you all the exciting updates from the Collision Tech Conference 2023 that happened in Toronto from June 26-29. From mind-blowing keynotes on AI, and ML to groundbreaking innovations on EV, the event saw 30K+ attendees on Day 1. The showstopper at the event was Godfather of AI, Geoffrey Hinton’s in-person conversation on the future of AI and its potential impact on society. Whether you're a startup founder, a developer, or simply curious about the tech world, the conference had it all.

This year we decided to exhibit under the Growth category specially curated for high-growth startups. On day 1 of the event, we had meaningful conversations coupled with interactive demos for many start-up founders who were struggling with the fulfillment of the DevOps role in their organizations. To better gauge the problems in their DevOps journey, we offered a “free DevEx assessment”. In case you’d like a free DevEx assessment for your startup, you can still sign up for one here.

On Day 2, our CEO/Founder, Kyle Campbell delivered a talk on “DevOps promised developer productivity. Developer Experience delivered it”. The talk focused on the importance of measuring developer experience for improved Developer productivity. The introduction of cloud-native technologies has changed how we deliver and operate software. What hasn’t changed is how we measure software delivery and operational performance: deployment frequency, lead time for changes, mean time to recover (MTTR), and change failure rate: commonly referred to as “the DORA metrics.”

Every year DORA, now a division of Google Cloud, conducts a DevOps survey and publishes the findings as The State of DevOps Report. What’s surprising is even with the increasing adoption of DevOps practices, developer productivity remains low. So what’s going on here?

At CTO.ai, we’ve improved software delivery and operational performance by focusing on developer workflows, and developer experience, and using the DORA metrics to measure the impact of change and improvement over time.

You can also watch the recording of the talk here:

On Day 3, to further strengthen our partnership with Digital Ocean, we co-hosted a Happy Hour at Hotel X that saw 100+ attendees for an evening of good conversation over food and drinks. The room was full of start-up founders, industry leaders, visionaries and software development enthusiasts. Though the hot topic of discussion was AI and its potential, most founders also shared their frustrations about managing DevOps in their organizations.

Collision conference has always been a platform for us to demonstrate the value of our Developer platform to start-up founders and enterprises at the same time. To sum it up, the Collision Conference is a great place to showcase tech products and learn about the latest trends shaping our digital landscape. If you’d like to know more about improving the Developer Experience at your start-up, hit us up, we’d be happy to get the conversation going.