Unlocking the Future of Healthcare Through Generative AI

In a session titled "What's Next for Healthcare and AI," the focus was squarely on the groundbreaking impact of Generative AI in healthcare. The use of Med-PaLm2 technology was highlighted as a revolutionizing factor for time-consuming healthcare tasks, paving the way for more efficient solutions.

The Collaborative Power of GCP and Generative AI

Day three of Google Cloud Next 2023 commenced with an enlightening conversation between Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and Aneel Bhusri. The dialogue centered on the transformative potential of generative AI, particularly in how it is stimulating innovation for users of GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Modernization and Mainframe Migration with GCP

Alejandro Fernandez Martinez, Brian Lee, and Rajesh Ramachandran spoke about the journey of modernizing mainframe workloads using GCP and Google AI technologies. Their session served as a testament to the robustness and operational improvements that Google's cloud infrastructure offers.

Running Business-Critical Databases Seamlessly with Google Cloud

Michelle Burtoft, Isabella Lubin, and Scott Allred explored running commercial databases on Google Cloud. They demonstrated the ease of lifting and shifting SQL Server workloads to Bare Metal Solutions (BMS), spotlighting new capabilities in Cloud SQL for SQL Server. These included high availability, data protection, and security features, all optimized for cost-efficiency.

Data Monetization through Embedded Analytics: Insights from Skander Larbi

Skander Larbi discussed the growing importance of data monetization through embedded analytics. The session offered actionable strategies for embedding smart analytics into applications, thereby creating new revenue streams backed by reliable, live metrics.

The Intersection of Databases and Generative AI

Sailesh Krishnamurthy, Vice President of Engineering at Google Cloud, along with industry experts, expanded upon the future of databases and generative AI. They stressed how generative AI is democratizing the field, allowing developers to easily incorporate new user experiences into existing applications. The session wrapped up by previewing Google's next-generation managed databases, designed to be both powerful for AI development and fundamentally easier to use through AI.

Day three of Google Cloud Next 2023 consolidated Google’s commitment to shaping the future through continuous technological advancements. As the conference draws to a close, these insights continue to resonate across various industries.

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The CTO.ai team at Google Cloud Next