In a software's life cycle automation, the DevOps philosophy is the top discussion among organizations, where one of the core tools is the CI/CD. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are meant to keep the development team, tech leads, and all the stakeholders aware of each status and speed up the processes of the basic flow as shown below:

If a user gets stuck during the process, the software delivery will impact the user experience of your application which leads to disruption and low performance in your organisation. To prevent disruption many organisations use inbuilt CI/CD tool will automate the process of shipping the code (including the compilation step) until it is ready for the production environment.

Building more than a Jenkins CI/CD in your software delivery process with our Developer Control Plane

Imagine if you can increase your team's CI/CD velocity by 200% with a Platform that offers CI/CD + PaaS + DevOps Insights. Sounds awesome, right?

With our Developer Control Plane, you can turn any cloud provider, AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean into PaaS; build Developer Workflows in the language of your choice; collect comprehensive data to gain Insights on your delivery performance and avail DevOps as a Service on-demand if you fall short of technical expertise internally.

What makes a Developer Control Plane unique?

  • Turn any cloud into a PaaS - Benefit from the best-in-class tooling and services from all the major cloud providers - AWS, GCP, Azure, and DigitalOcean while still simplifying DevOps
  • Build custom CI/CD workflows - Build and test your code with Pipelines; preview apps with Services; deploy using Commands from Slack, and CLI.
  • Use your favorite language - Build workflows with the most well-known programming languages: Python, JavaScript, bash, and Go.
  • DevOps Insights - Gain sophisticated insights with data from builds and workflows without needing third party plugins.
  • CLI - Get the best of integration between our CLI and the Platform for day to day scripts.
  • Plan for growth & complexity - Leverage best of breed Cloud Native technology like k8s and move beyond basic autoscaling.
  • Stay cost-efficient - Adopt a multi-cloud strategy or choose any cloud provider as you grow; no cloud lock-ins.
  • Regain control - Decide your application's architecture and enjoy the migration option anytime.
  • Workflow Commands - Set up, update, and destroy your infrastructure using custom commands directly from your terminal or event via Slack.
  • Manage multiple Environments - enable every developer to control your dev, staging, and production environments directly on the Developer Control Plane.

Additional benefits with the Developer Control Plane

Developer Control Plane Jenkins
Run Pipelines from Slack Run pipelines from Slack, CLI, or the Platform
Insights Track and monitor DORA metrics to measure your dev team's performance.
DevOps as a Service Augment your team with the required technical expertise on the go.
Complete Developer workflows Support for workflows that can be built in the programming language you love. This is more than a CI/CD pipeline.

Why choose the Developer Control Plane?

  • Improves Developer Experience: Set up custom workflows that work with any cloud of your choice without creating vendor lock-in.
  • Enables you to work around blockers: anage and set up a fully managed workflow to release to any cloud from your CLI.
  • More customization and flexibility: Enable a productive development environment with access to your favourite tools.
  • Real-time support directly in Slack: Get 24/7 enterprise-grade support when issues arise.

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