Over the last few years our team at CTO.ai has been working hard on perfecting the way platform engineering teams automate and measure cloud delivery. Our goal was making critical developer tooling accessible from everywhere a developer works, while enhancing developer experience.

First, we brought a programmable & portable CI/CD runtime that includes advanced ChatOps SDKs to enable your critical developer tools to be shareable across your entire team. To this end, we’ve also enhanced our workflow runtime to support execution via CLI, Slack, or even from Github event triggers as part of your GitOps & CI/CD process for testing, building & approving pull requests. We did this so that every team can benefit from great developer experiences as they create their own internal developer platform to support their software delivery teams.

Recently, we noticed an emerging trend of automating CI/CD via GitHub Comments that started out in popular open source projects like Kubernetes, who built and implemented an open source solution called Prow to manage their CI/CD lifecycle using GitHub comments. Prow is a unique open source project that was really inspiring to us, but as we started looking into it more and trying to self-adopt it, we found that it can be rather complex to set up and manage for the average team. So, we put our heads together and came up with a solution that brings this powerful automation to every development team, without this complexity as a barrier.

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new feature that changes the Developer Experience game again;

GitHub Comment Workflows

Starting today, our users will be able to run their workflows directly from GitHub Comments to enhance the collaborative workflow that is critical to how teams review, test and provision their code and infrastructure. As part of our initial release of this exciting new feature, customers can simply use /ops run workflow <args|flags> the same way they already do in our CLI or Slack!

See below for an example:


This exciting new way of running developer workflows allows developers to easily execute workflows that have been published to their team on the Developer Control Plane. These workflows will automatically get appended to the PR’s check run status and the result of this workflow will be appended to reflect in the status of the PR. While the initial release of this new feature will not support interactive prompts the way Slack / CLI does, these workflows will accept arguments and can be used to automate any tasks with our workflow SDKs.

Our early adopters are already solving use cases such as PR triage as well as critical lifecycle operations such as build, test and deployment of code. This creates a centralized audit trail of their CI/CD lifecycle that makes it easy to track the journey from code to cloud for every feature.

Thats it! Please head over to our documentation if you'd like to look at how you can get started using these features with your team’s PR workflow!