Fair to say, we’ve been having a bit of fun here at CTO.ai this week in promoting Canada to international tech talent through our #OpsRunCanada campaign where we are encouraging Americans (and the international developer community) to escape to peaceful, picturesque Canada.

All fun aside and regardless of the pending US election results, Canada is a lot more than just plaid, beards, moose and hockey.

Canada’s tech ecosystem, particularly our startup scene, has always had a place on the global stage. This year Toronto-Waterloo, Vancouver, and Montreal all fell within Startup Genome’s Top 40 Global Startup EcoSystems.

Canada also has plenty of lesser known hubs like Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, and Victoria housing plenty of growing companies that are always looking to hire great technical talent.

The thing is, the tech industry here in Canada has always had an open invitation for talented tech folks. So much so the industry often lobbies the government to ensure we have the immigration programs in place for companies to get the people they need hired and relocated quickly and efficiently.

Immigration is still active despite COVID and the Canadian Government announced that they still plan to welcome more than 1.2 million Permanent Residence by 2023. That's a HUGE number.

Immigration from the USA to Canada is particularly fast. In most cases you can take your paperwork right up to the border crossing for approval. There are certainly no shortage of opportunities up here!

Canada has always seen immigration as part of our plan for economic growth and success and most companies are open to at least considering supporting the immigration of qualified candidates.

Canada has always prided ourselves on being a “mosaic” vs a melting pot and companies work to to celebrate the diversity within their team.

If you’re considering Canada joining the CTO.ai Slack community is a great place to start, for a few reasons:

  1. We’ve filled our channels with great resources for tech leaders and devs.
  2. We have job boards and highlighted employers such as Hootsuite, Bench and A Thinking Ape who are particularly open to supporting immigration. There are many more!
  3. We have community members who are HR and Immigration experts to answer your questions.
  4. Our partners at VanHack are even hosting a free conference at the end of the explaining how to move to Canada for tech folks, DevOps and beyond. Details will be shared in the channel

Join the community here to get started.

We look forward to connecting and chatting with you in Slack!