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Business intelligence for engineering teams that scale.

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Metrics for development teams.

Software engineering teams that measure their work, always perform better than those who do not. Many companies do not implement engineering specific key performance metrics.

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Actionable Benchmarks

Issue Balance

Monitor issue balance, to avoid issue debt.


Measure velocity by repo, date, milestone, bug and people.

Time to Action

Find out how actionable your stories actually are.

Time to Ship

See how quickly your team is shipping value to production.

Integrates Seamlessly


Our Slack bot helps motivate team members in real time.


Integrate Github to start measuring across all repos.


Put metrics on your office dashboard to stay motivated.


Generate reports to help inform retrospectives.

Open Source Ready

Community Updates

Motivate and excite your community about new releases.

Monitor Contributions

Keep an eye on contribution activity across the organization.

Identify Key Contributors

Indentify and even reward key contributors on your project.

Measure Activity

Projects that can demostrate they are active get more support.

Investor Relations - ICOs or Startups

Demonstrate Progress

Provide your investors concrete data on your progress.

Reputation of Team

Demonstrate the quality of your team with data.

Incentivize Community

Incentivize your community to help you ship.

Monitor Contributions

Keep an eye on your project and monitor contributions.