CTO as a Service

We build high performing engineering teams.

Meet a CTO

Experts at Scale

CTO.ai is a platform built for CTOs and their software engineering teams. We provide a collection of products and services that are custom tailored to help our startups scale intelligently. We use a mix of platform, advisory and hands on approaches to help the start ups that we work with reach their goals faster and without risk. After years of building high performing software teams we have productized this wealth of technical experience and are deploying it with best of breed startups.


Scalable Infrastructure

Infrastructure that's ready for real traffic.

Delivery Pipeline

Ship value fast with our proven delivery pipeline.

Micro Services

Use our micro service repo to get your backend up fast.

Engineering Advice

Advice from experienced CTOs and engineers.


Action Plan

Plan, estimate, and prioritize engineering tasks.

Unblock Engineers

Identify and unblock engineers who are stuck or bogged down.

Manage Velocity and Schedule

Keep your team moving and ship products on time.


Measure and improve your team's performance.


DevOps Workflow

Automate and streamline software development and infrastructure.

Tools and Technology

Integrate your project management and developer tools.

Team Structure

Structure your engineering team for speed.

Track R&D

Optimize and track your R&D tax credits and SR&ED.


Understand Your Technical Needs

Determine the skillsets and experience levels to hire for.

Candidate Pipeline

Source talent from the top schools and companies.

Technical Interviewing

Coding tests and technical due diligence.

Ramp Up and Training

Get new developers up and running, quickly.