Published almost 4 years ago by @vahid


An OPS to configure and work with HashiCorp Vault

For running on local

  1. Download vault binary and run it in your local env (
  2. run ./vault server -dev
  3. Retrieve ROOT_TOKEN from the logs
  4. ops run vault --url "http://host.docker.internal:8200" --token [ROOT_TOKEN] --team [YOUR_TEAM_NAME] configure this will setup the team structure in the vault and will return a token associated with your team
  5. You can use the returned token from previous step to register your vault with CLI
  6. You can also use this op to work with created team in the vault:
    e.g. ops run vault --url "http://host.docker.internal:8200" --token [TEAM_TOKEN] --team [YOUR_TEAM_NAME] secret list