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$ ops run @tj/


Interactive command-line GitHub issue & notification triaging tool.


Some of the current features include:

  • Quickly view and search notifications
  • View issue details, labels, and comments
  • View notifications without marking them as read
  • Mark notifications as read, or unsubscribe entirely
  • Unwatch entire repositories
  • Add and remove issue labels
  • Add comments to issues

Upcoming features may include things like:

  • Global priority management across all of your projects
  • Automatically prioritize based on your GitHub sponsors
  • Templated comment responses


Via go get:

$ GO111MODULE=on go get[email protected]

Via ops run by

$ npm install -g && ops account:signup
$ ops run @tj/triage

Environment Variables


To access your Github activity, set your GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable to a valid personal access token:

export GITHUB_TOKEN=1234567c5560a274c59541e0787bf12345abcdef

The following permissions are needed for all functionality to work:

  • notifications for listing and unsubscribing from notifications
  • repo for adding labels and comments


Notifications listing:

Filtering notifications with the / search:

Viewing issue details:

Adding and removing labels:

Leaving a comment:



This project is sponsored by, making it easy for development teams to create and share workflow automations without leaving the command line.