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Pipedrive Note Pull

This is a op which pulls notes from Pipedrive.

What does it do?

It is a bit opinionated to be honest - it will prompt you for a date in YYYY-MM-DD format, and then retrieves all the notes for that day

It will then return them in the format

John Doe ( [email protected] ) at 2020-06-23 07:40 EST
With: {Organization Name}
Notes: { here are some call notes }  


The first thing you should do is find your Pipedrive API key.
This link shows you how to get it.

If you just want to try the op to see how it works, you can just pull it from the registry, and run it, it should prompt you to enter this key, and will run

How to save the api key

If you don't want to always enter your key before it runs, save the api key as a secret in your ops.

Open your terminal and run this command

ops secrets:set

When you get to this screen, you want to enter pipedrive_api_key as the key, and then ops will open VIM or w/e your preferred text editor is and you can paste your key in

Initializing... done

šŸ”‘ Add a secret to secret storage for team [your team here] ā†’
 Enter the name of the secret to be stored 

Notes / Considerations

  • Pipedrive uses UTC timezone for their dates, so if you have a note which occurred after midnight UTC, it may show up as the following day
  • This will automatically convert the date to EST - this can be easily changed in the getpipedrivenotes.go file by changing the toTz variable to your timezone
  • This will show all your users in pipedrive, if you want to filter by users, you'd have to add that filter into the getpipedrivenotes.go file

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