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Cloud One Conformity Pipeline Scanner Op

This GitHub repo is a Op for the Trend Micro Cloud One Conformity Pipeline Template Scanner.

The Op reads a CloudFormation template from the /tmp/cloudformation directory of the Op container and pushes the template contents for a vulnerability and security misconfiguration assessment against Cloud One Conformity rules and checks via Conformity APIs.

The file is validated for supported file formats (json, yaml, or yml) and if the file is an AWS CloudFormation template.

The Cloud One Conformity response lists all failures in the CloudFormation template by their level of severity.

The supported Cloud One Conformity severity levels are EXTREME, VERY_HIGH, HIGH, MEDIUM and LOW


An AWS CloudFormation template to validate AWS resource configuration for best practices and security misconfiguration. The file needs to be placed in the cloudformation folder of this repository.

Required fields

An API key is required to authenticate requests to the Template Scanner API. You can create an API Key to access Cloud One Conformity APIs by following Conformity documentation provided here -

For more information on Cloud One Conformity APIs, please refer to the API reference documentation available here -

Sample CloudFormation Template

The sample_cloudformation_template.json file is provided in the cloudformation folder is a sample file that you can use to test this Op. The file deploys misconfigured resources and any use of this file is your own responsibility.

How to deploy

  • The Op is available on the Ops registry here

  • To run the Op, you could run any of the following methods

    • run ops run @gdcrocx/cloud-one-conformity-pipeline-scanner on the Ops CLI
    • run /ops run @gdcrocx/cloud-one-conformity-pipeline-scanner on the Slack channel connected with Slack App
GitHub Repository Name Description
ConformityTemplateScanner-AWS-CodeCommit Similar to this repository but catered to AWS CodeCommit repositories
cloudOneConformityTemplateScanner Similar to this repository but catered to GitHub repositories


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