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An Ops port of the SonarScanner CLI tool.


To run this or any other Op, install the Ops Platform.

Find information about how to run and build Ops via the Ops Platform Documentation.

This Op also requires:

  • A SonarQube server
    • Anyone and sonar-users group should have all permissions removed
    • Default visibility of new projects should be set to private
      • Administration Tab -> Projects -> Managements -> Default visibility of new projects
    • Create a user for the ops, with permissions Administer System, Execute Analysis, and Create Projects
      • Security -> Global Permission -> update checkboxes
    • Get the token for that user and add it to secrets store via ops secrets:set. Key should ideally be sonarToken
    • Get the server address ready to input when it prompts
  • A publicly accessible Git repository, with HTTP(S) protocol enabled
    • Currently this op does not work with SSH protocol


To initiate the interactive SonarQube CLI prompt run:

ops run

Local Development / Running from Source

1. Clone the repo:

git clone <git url>

2. Navigate into the directory and install dependencies:

cd sonarqube && go get ./...

3. Run the Op from your current working directory with:

ops run .

Debugging Issues

Use the DEBUG flag in the terminal to see verbose Op output like so:

DEBUG=sonarqube:* ops run sonarqube

When submitting issues or requesting help, be sure to also include the version information. To get your ops version run:

ops -v


SonarQube Docs


See the Contributing Docs for more information.


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