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review - Official Op - Review

Review is an Op that allows you to manage Open PRs on Github and apply a specific action on it.


šŸ’” Prior to running the op it is recommended that you have stored your API token as a secret. šŸ’”

If you are not sure how to create a token on Github, please go to this link: How to create a token on Github

Once you have your token, you can store it as a secret on your op by running the following command:

ops secrets:set


To run this op run the following command on the terminal or the team's slack channel corresponding to this op:

From your terminal:

ops run

From Slack:

/ops run

After initializing the op just follow the steps that are going to be prompt:

  1. Use corresponding token (you can select it from a list by the name you store it)
  2. Choose type of PRs to view
  3. Select specific PR from list
  4. Choose the specific action you want to apply on the PR


Run npm test

Debugging Issues

When submitting issues or requesting help, be sure to also include the version information. To get your ops version run:

ops -v


See the contributing docs for more information


Pablo Arellano

Mario Mejia

Timothy Wan

Ruxandra Fediuc

Calvin Holloway