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CloudFormation Op

This Op enables you to provision infrastructure through AWS CloudFormation.


There are two CloudFormation templates bundled into this Op allowing you to:

  • Create/Delete an AWS EC2 instance
  • Create/Delete an AWS RDS instance running MySQL as its engine

NOTE: The Op only supports EC2 and RDS with limited parameter inputs, if you would like to expand the functionality pull requests are always welcome!

Setup & Requirements

To run this or any other Op, install the Ops Platform.

Find information about how to run and build Ops via the Ops Platform Documentation

You will also require an active AWS account with these credentials ready:

  • AWS Access Key ID
  • AWS Secret Access Key

For information on getting these keys see the Official AWS Docs.

For ease of use it is recommended that you set both of these keys in your teams secrets store by running:

ops secret:set

If you use AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY as the secret names the Op will automatically use it without you needing to select it!


From your terminal:

ops run

From Slack:

/ops run

Known Limitations

  • Not all AWS service regions supported.
  • Certain combinations of AWS regions and selected parameters for the EC2/RDS instance are not valid and will not work
  • The provisioning of the CloudFormation stacks requires users have adequate privileges


Run npm test

Debugging Issues

When submitting issues or requesting help, be sure to also include the version information. To get your ops version run:

ops -v


See the Contributing Docs for more information


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Timothy Wan

Calvin Holloway