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Dynamically deploy applications to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. This Op also streamlines connections to the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for use with deployed applications.


To run this or any other Op, install the Ops Platform.

Find information about how to run and build Ops via the Ops Platform Documentation.

This Op also requires AWS credentials to work with your account. It also requires the GitHub username and the GitHub repository name of the repository for deployment. It may require a GitHub access token if the repository is private. Here's what you'll need before running this Op the first time:

This Op can create and connect RDS database instances to your application. If this is desired, the user will need to provide or create the following information:

  • RDS Database Instance Name
  • RDS Database Master Username
  • RDS Database Master Password

When connecting a RDS database to your application, this Op will create a directory and a file containing your database access information (.ebextensions/rds_env) within your application before the deployment. This step can be skipped, however you may be required to connect your application to the RDS instance on your own.


To start this Op prompt run:

ops run

Demo Applications

Example applications that can be deployed with this Op:

Local Development / Running from Source

1. Clone the repo:

git clone <git url>

2. Install dependencies:

go get -u ./...

3. Run the Op from your current working directory with:

ops run .

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