Reducing Friction

Improving Your Developer Experience

Your Developer Experience (DX) shapes your team’s collaboration throughout the entire development lifecycle, and small improvements can have a large impact on your team’s software delivery effectiveness.

We built the platform to help your team build the Developer Experience that’s optimized for your team’s unique needs. Our Commands, Pipelines, and Services workflows are the primitives that can be used to build your ideal application development lifecycle. Then, Insights and Reports help you understand the impact changes to your Developer Experience have on your team’s productivity.

Now, we’re introducing new features intended to reduce friction in your team’s workflow and enhance your Developer Experience. These features are designed to help your team work more effectively:

  • Code Review AI automates second opinions on your Pull Requests, helping your team identify small problems before they snowball into something more significant.

Of course, this is only the beginning of our journey to enhance your Developer Experience with intelligent features. We’re excited to continue building tools that help your team deliver software more effectively and with less friction.