Workflow SDK

SDK Overview

Our Workflow SDKs provide a helpful framework to implement automated processes, send Lifecycle Event data to your Dashboard, prompt users interactively (when using Commands), and integrate with other systems. We currently offer SDKs with support for four different languages:

  • Python
  • Node
  • Bash
  • Go

For all of these languages, our SDKs encompass a library of functionality for handling events, tracking deployment states, configuring orchestration tools, and logging the progress of your workflows. The SDK functionality can be categorized into three groups, described in the following table:

Functionality included in this group
sdkCore functionality for interacting with the platform.
uxFormatting functionality for presenting information to users.
promptsInteractive functionality for giving input to workflows.

If you’re new to the platform, we strongly recommend reviewing the Workflows section of our docs to understand how our Commands, Pipelines, and Services workflows are built and used.

SDK Reference Docs

Reference documentation for the Workflow SDKs can be found in the Workflow SDK Reference area of our documentation.