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Teams & Permissions
  • 18 Nov 2020
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Teams & Permissions

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On the CTO.ai platform, Teams allows the grouping of users who are all have permission to view and run the same Ops/Workflows. Teams can be managed from three places: The CLI, Slack, and the Web Dashboard.

How Teams Work as Permissions

The group of users within a Team all have permission to view and run all of the Commands, Pipelines, or Services on that Team. As well Agents collect metrics to a Specific Team. While Ops can be viewed and run through both the CLI and Slack, for an Op to be visible on a Team the Op must be published through the CLI to that team.

An Op is always published to a team and can be published to mutiple teams.

Owner vs Member

Teams contain two different types of users.
The user that creates the team is the Owner. This user cannot be removed from the Team and the Owner status can not be transferred to another user.
All other users associated with a team are Members. These users must be invited to join the team by any current team member and can be removed by any other Members or the Creator.

Default Team

When you sign up for CTO.ai you get a default team matched to your user name. As a Best Practice, we recommend this be used as testing and Create a new Team for any of your Published Ops.

Teams in CLI vs. Slack vs. Web Dashboard

The ability to mange and interact with Teams differs between the CLI, Slack and the Web Dashboard.

While we believe Slack is at the center of team collaboration, it is designed to be a more user facing experience thus limiting the administrative capabilities. You cannot perform the following actions from Slack:

  • Create a new team
  • View a list your Teams
  • Remove Members from a team
  • Create Teams -Can only be done from the CLI or Web Dashboard
  • Join -Upon adding/inviting new Members a link is provided from Slack, this command is not required in Slack and is not used on the Web Dashboard.

Managing your Teams

Find a complete list of CLI commands here and Slack commands here.


This section will review the use of each of the Team commands.

From the Web Dashboard

View Teams, Create Team and Add/Remove Team Members commands can all be done from the Web Dashboard.


Creating a team (CLI/Dashboard)

The command Create can be run using the CLI or Web Dashboard. The Create command creates a new team with the Creator being the person who ran the command. Alternatively the "New team" button can be used to do the same.

Other Team Commands

See the Commands references below on how to run additional team management commands.

  • Inviting a team member (CLI/Slack) and Dashboard
  • Joining an Existing Team (CLI)
  • Switching between teams (CLI/Slack)
  • Get information about your team (CLI/Slack)
  • Removing Team Members (CLI)
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