Collect Events via SDK

Collect Events with the SDKs

Our SDKs give you more control over the events collected by the platform when you run Commands, Pipelines, or Services workflows. Available for multiple language runtimes—Node, Bash, Python, and Go—the Ops SDKs provide functionality for tracking key Insights Events from your workflows run on our platform.

Available SDKs

These examples show you how to track events using our Ops SDKs in each supported language.

For all of our SDKS, you must submit four key-value pairs to the tracking function of each:

  • event_name: The type of event being tracked.
  • event_action: The result of the event being tracked (either success or failure in the case of deployment events).
  • repo: The name of the repository originating this event.
  • branch: The branch that originated this event within your repo.