Collect Events via API

Integrate External Services with the API

It’s possible to collect Insights Events data from any external platform via our Workflow Events API. If your team doesn’t use GitHub, wants to start collecting Events from other CI/CD systems, or needs more control over how Events are sent to the platform, our API lets you build an event collection system that meets your requirements.

Gain Insight from Any Platform

Before you begin, you may want to review our documentation on Insights Events to better understand the concepts implemented by our API.

API Tokens

You need an API token to use this feature. Before you can generate your API token, you must contact support for a ClientID and ClientSecret. Store the credentials you receive from us somewhere safe.

Using the CLI, sign in to your existing user account by running the ops account:signin command (or ops account:signup if you don’t already have an account with us). After you have signed in, you can generate a new API token using the credentials you received from support:

Generate Token Command
ops generate:token

When prompted by the CLI, enter your ClientID, ClientSecret, and account password. Your new token will then be generated.

Copy the newly-generated API token returned by the CLI and store it somewhere safe, as anyone with this token can use it to access the API on your behalf.


Sending data to the platform requires you to specify which team should receive the data, via its UUID.

Using the ops team:switch command of the CLI, switch to the team that should be receiving events from your external application:

Team Switch Command
ops team:switch

Then, run the ops team:info command to get your team’s UUID:

Team Info Command
ops team:info

This will print out information about your current team, including the team UUID.

POSTing Insights Events

The Workflow Events API endpoint is located at:

Workflow Events API Endpoint

It can accept the Deployment Events defined in our Insights Events documentation.

Example HTTP API Request

This is an example HTTP request for posting data to the Workflow Events API. Please note a few important points about this command line snippet:

  • your_api_token should be replaced with the API token you retrieved with the CLI.
  • YOUR_TEAM_ID_HERE should be replaced with the team UUID you retrieved with the CLI.
  • The value for the key event_action should be either success or failure, depending on the actual deployment status.
  • The values for repo, environment, branch, commit, image, and meta are all specific to each deployment.

Review our Deployment Events documentation on the Insights Events page for more information about events that are accepted by our API.