Insights Events

Insights Events

What are Insights Events?

Insights Events (a subset of Lifecycle Events) are what the platform collects to measure the effectiveness of your DevOps practices—how often you deploy, the length of your development cycle, and how often your deployments fail—with DORA Metrics. Insights Events represent your team’s activity on the platform and integrated development tools, such as GitHub.

We classify Insights Events into two types: Deployment Events and Change Events. Generally speaking, Change Events represent activity within a codebase (such as the stages of the development cycle within your team’s GitHub repository), while Deployment Events represent activity on your infrastructure (such as the process that deploys your code to your application environment).

Gain Insight with DORA Metrics

As a team grows, it becomes more difficult to measure the effectiveness of processes. Likewise, as infrastructure complexity grows, “reliability” becomes a complicated concept on its own, and consistently measuring infrastructure performance in this way is difficult. Insights Events serve as data points to assess how your processes enable developer productivity and infrastructure reliability.

We use Insights Events to calculate DORA Metrics, a research-backed set of indicators for measuring the effectiveness of your DevOps processes. The four metrics we derive from Insights Events are defined in this table:

Deployment FrequencyAverage number of deployments per day.
Change Lead TimeAverage amount of time required for a commit to be deployed.
Change Failure RatePercentage of deployments that fail to complete successfully.
Failed Deployment Recovery TimeAverage amount of time required to roll back a change.

Our DORA Metrics page has a deeper explanation of how these metrics are calculated and the potential problems they can surface.