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GitHub App Setup
  • 28 Jan 2021
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GitHub App Setup

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Installing the CTO.ai GitHub App

With the GitHub app, you will be able to see direct actions taken on your projects like push events, merged Pull Requests, and opened Issues, to name a few. In the near future, we will be providing further insights and team synergy metrics to get you on the right foot the first time every time.

Who can install the GitHub App

Any GitHub user can request to have the GitHub App installed in an organization they are part of. Only organization Owners are able to complete the installation process. This requires the organization Owner to also have an account with CTO.ai.

What are we collecting?

During the authentication and authorization process, you have the ability to listen to events for the whole organization or only for a collection of repositories in your organization. See the full list of webhooks from GitHub.

A soon to be released feature will allow you to pull a limited set of events from before our Agent was installed. This will be used to create a baseline of Insights. To see the event types, we will be pulling, check out this list of events from GitHub.

In addition to events we are pulling, the GitHub App is also used to link your repository to your App in CTO.ai.


At this time, a GitHub Organization can only be connected to a single Team. If you are trying to connect to a second team, our system will prevent this from happening. Please Contact Support for help.

How to setup


  1. Login to the CTO.ai Dashboard
  2. Click on the Install Workflow Agent button
  3. Click on the Install button on the top right
    • Our Agent can be installed into multiple organizations so the button may say Configure if it is already installed in an organization you are a part of
  4. Choose the user or organization to install the CTO.ai Agent to
    • Note: this user needs to be an Owner of the GitHub Organization to have sufficient privileges to complete the install
  5. Select whether to collect events from the entire organization or only selected repositories
  6. Upon returning to CTO.ai, you need to associate the Agent installation with a team. Data from GitHub will be associated with the team and will require selecting that team to view Insights.
    • A new team will include you and a special GitHub user
    • An existing team will have a special GitHub user added to it
      Github App association screen

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