Insights Overview

Measure DevOps Effectiveness with Insights

With Insights from, you can measure your team’s performance as your processes and infrastructure evolve. Integrating your development workflows with the platform allows you to measure how effectively your software delivery process aligns with the goals of your organization.

Commands, Pipelines, and Services workflows run by your Team (and the development tools you integrate into our platform) produce Insights Events corresponding to milestones within your processes. Taken in aggregate over time, these events are used to derive actionable insights known as DORA Metrics—a set of proven indicators for measuring a team’s software delivery effectiveness.

Reducing Friction in Your Developer Experience

Cultivating an intuitive, reliable Developer Experience is essential to enabling an effective DevOps culture within your organization.

As you cultivate a Developer Experience that meets your evolving needs, Insights acts as a barometer for understanding how changes made to your playbook impact your team’s ability to ship software. If changes to a development workflow or deployment process introduce friction into your Developer Experience—for example, by increasing the potential for manual errors, making deployed applications less stable, or simply breaking your engineers’ mental models of routine tasks—Insights will reflect that misalignment between people and process in the metrics it provides.

Understanding Insights Events

Insights Events (a subset of Lifecycle Events) are what the platform collects to measure the effectiveness of your DevOps practices—how often you deploy, the length of your development cycle, and how often your deployments fail—with DORA Metrics. Insights Events represent your team’s activity on the platform and integrated development tools, such as GitHub.

We classify Insights Events into two types: Deployment Events and Change Events. Generally speaking, Change Events represent activity within a codebase (such as the stages of the development cycle within your team’s GitHub repository), while Deployment Events represent activity on your infrastructure (such as the process that deploys your code to your application environment).

For more a more detailed explanation of Insights Events and how they are used by the platform, take a look at our dedicated Insights Events page.