How do I get started?

CTO.ai has a few ways to get started:

Why aren’t my development Metric events showing up?

Use our Github App or host your Workflow on CTO.ai. Your events will automatically populate into your Insights dashboard on the UI.

Why should I host my Workflow on CTO.ai?

CTO.ai provides a simple, scalable, and cost-effective place to host your workflow and platform deployments.

What Run-time Languages and Frameworks are supported on CTO.ai?

Check out the Runtime languages and frameworks we support.

Technical Questions

How can I see my Workflows Dashboard?

In CTO.ai we manage your workloads, resources and configurations in the background so you can easily manage your Workflows from the CLI/Web Dashboard.

Can I run my Workflow on CTO.ai Developer Control Plane?

Yes, you can run, deploy and publish your Workflow directly on our Developer Control Plane using Services.

My application is currently hosted on Heroku, can I use CTO.ai?

We can easily help you setup a Workflow on your applications from Heroku to CTO.ai!

Contact support and we’ll be happy to get you started.

Didn’t find what you are looking for?

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