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Commands Overview
  • 18 Nov 2020
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Commands Overview

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What are CTO.ai Commands?

Commands are one of the basic building blocks of CTO.ai. They are like a CLI that will also run in Slack. Essentially, Commands are containers that allow you to build custom cloud-native workflows that can interact with any system, including ours.

Within each Command you will have access to our SDK which allows you to manage secrets, read/write configs, read/write events and even send us logs, as well.

The SDK also has special features for interacting with users for input / output and we'll take care of making sure that it works in your CLI but also in Slack.

This saves you having to spin up new servers and APIs to benefit from ChatOps. With CTO.ai you build a CLI and get ChatOps free.

Watch the video below to get a quick overview of how to get started with Commands.

Don't forget that Commands are just one of the building blocks of CTO.ai! You can also benefit from using Pipelines, Services and Insights, as well!

The Most Popular Command Use Cases

Commands are designed to you to easily build any custom developer workflow on top of any existing system so that you can have a custom feeling PaaS. However, here are some common customer use cases that are popular and apply broadly.

  • Setup a New Kubernetes Cluster
    • Make k8s feel like a custom built PaaS and keep developers on the rails when delivering to production.
  • Deployment & Release Management
    • Triggering interactive deployments from Slack provides transparency and avoids manual error.
  • Provision a Testing Environment
    • Managing infrastructure can be complicated but when you use a Command you can make it easy for everyone.
  • Manage Environment Cleanup or Sizing
    • When you make it easy for anyone to create new environments, you also need to make it easy to clean up or resize existing environments to manage costs.
  • Support Enablement & Incident Management
    • Empower less technical support staff with the tools they need to interact with systems and easy resolve customer issues.
  • Generate a Custom Analytics Report
    • Surface custom data to stakeholders in Slack without heavy-duty reporting software.

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