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CircleCI Agent Setup
  • 27 Jan 2021
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CircleCI Agent Setup

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Sending Events from CircleCI



If your CI/CD runs on CircleCI, you can use the CTO.ai CircleCI Orb to instrument your CICD with Workflow Events.

The Orb can be accessed with this stanza in your CircleCI configuration yaml:

  cto-ai: cto-ai/[email protected]

Use the Orb to send Events to CTO.ai by calling it from your steps:

        - cto-ai/event:
            token: ${CTOAI_EVENTS_API_TOKEN}
            team_id: ${CTOAI_EVENTS_API_TEAM_ID}
            event_name: deployment
            event_action: succeeded
            branch: main
            commit: abc123
            repo: www
            image: def657
            name: user
            origin: shell

More information can be found at the CTO.ai Events Orb Example.

For more information on the types of Events you can send and track check out our Delivery Events and Lifecycle Events

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