Slack Ops (beta)'s Slack Ops now enables you to run workflows in Slack!

Workflows built with The Ops Platform already run in any CLI, but now you can instantly run them in Slack, without having to write for each platform.

Write your workflow using The Ops SDK 2.0 and as soon as you publish to The Ops Platform, we'll take care of making your work flow run in Slack as well.

You can run your Slack Ops in any Slack interface--web, client, or mobile app.

Compatibility Note

Since the CLI is such a different environment than Slack, there are some CLI features that do not have a counterpart in Slack.

For example, in the CLI you can specify shell environment variable that will be exported so that you can access them from your Op. These environment variables can't be specified in Slack, however.

To get the same kind of configuration functionality from Slack, you could use the Ops Secrets feature instead. This feature works from both the CLI and Slack Ops.


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Running Slack Ops

Running Slack Ops

Slack Commands

Slack Commands