What is an op?

An op is a portable command-line executable meant to automate complex or repetitive development tasks. Ops can be chained together into workflows to orchestrate infrastructure, streamline daily development and deployment, or track metrics on your dev/ops cycles.

Create your own private ops and share them with your team via our platform.

Ops can be written in the programming language of your choice, but their development can be accelerated by taking advantage of our powerful Node.js SDK.

What is the ops platform?

The platform includes the following packages:

1. CLI


Use the CLI to:

  • search our community repository or your team repository for ops you can run
  • run an op
  • scaffold out a new op
  • publish and share ops
  • manage your user account
  • manage your teams

2. SDK (@cto.ai/sdk)

The SDK is an optional Node.js package that accelerates the op development process and enables integration with our powerful platform features. It includes two modules, `ux` and `sdk`:
const { ux, sdk } = require('@cto.ai/sdk')

The ux module is a collection of command-line utilities that help you build your own professional Node.js CLI in no time. It includes the following components:

  • question prompts
  • spinners & loading bars
  • colors
  • tree & table layouts, and more...

The sdk module is a set of tools that allow you to:

  • manage state and config for your teams and users
  • access the file-system on your user's host machine
  • track events and analytics for your op users